About Us

ExCede Construction was established in 2003 with the goal of providing homeowners the service of bringing to life their vision of what they want in their home. It is a family owned business, and they take pride in working one-on-one with their clients. The owner, Matt Fudge, learned from a seasoned veteran in the building industry, with over 20 years experience, who originally owned the company and retired in August 2012. Matt purchased the business at that time to continue moving forward with such a great vision. Matt has 15 years experience in custom woodworking, and he started his first business in 2006. It is still a thriving business today. The meticulous attention to detail and scheduling he learned in the custom woodworking industry has been of great benefit to ExCede Construction. This, in turn, leads to a successful design and project.

Matt personally works with all of the clients from the very beginning stages of design and planning, through the duration of the entire project, and finally seeing it through to its last finishing touches. Matt is personally in charge of obtaining permits for the project to follow all building codes as well as keeping in accordance with state laws and insurance laws. This is something Matt holds in high regard so the clients are not only completely protected from any potential problems with performing the work safely, but also that it's done legally and professionally. All sub-contractors working with ExCede Construction are insured and sign lien waivers to protect the client's best interest.