Choose a Contractor – Carefully select a talented professional you trust

Before you hire a contractor, consider the importance of your selection. For a period of time, a contractor is a big part of your life. You’ll talk to and see them regularly. They will become a part of your schedule and take over some of your personal space. A contractor also handles the details of construction so you can continue your daily routine. More importantly, your contractor is the one who will ultimately take your vision and make it part of your home and life.

Look for a qualified, professional, experienced contractor who you think you’ll enjoy working with, and especially one you can trust… someone who values your time and your opinions, your family, lifestyle and home.

Asking the following questions of any contractor you are considering can provide you with valuable information on whether s/he is the right one for you and your project:

  1. Do you obtain all necessary permits and HOA approvals?
  2. Are you a licensed contractor? Are you insured?
  3. Do your subcontractors and trade specialists have the necessary licenses and insurance?
  4. Do you protect your customers by requiring subcontractors to sign lien waivers upon payment?
  5. Will there be daily supervision on my project?
  6. Do you have a design center where I can make my selections with the assistance of a professional designer?
  7. Will you provide me with a detailed proposal? Will I know exactly what is included in your price?
  8. Do you have over 20 years of experience in different aspects of residential construction and remodeling – including basements, kitchens, and new home construction?
  9. When you interview Excede, we’ll answer “yes” to each question. We pay close attention to each and every aspect of home remodeling – from the subcontractors we hire to the permits we obtain. You can trust us to take care of your home with integrity, professionalism, attention and care.